Cover for home or office-based professional services businesses, from solicitors, accountants and bookkeepers to architects, engineers and designers.

Our uniquely-tailored office insurance covers any size of office and any type of business. With some of our insurers, you will also have access to a dedicated risk management service – helping you take the risk out of running your office.

Should your office or practice be affected by events that are outside of your control such as fire or flood, you will want peace of mind that your business can get back up and running as quickly as possible and avoid considerable loss in income. The right insurance will protect you, your business, employees and customers, if accidental injury or damage occurs that you’re found legally responsible for.

You can buy office premises insurance as part of a combined business insurance policy that includes other key covers like public liability and professional indemnity. Choose from a range of covers to create a policy that works for you.

Buildings insurance protects your premises against disasters such as fire and flood, but may not be necessary if you rent your premises. Contents insurance covers your contents against damage, destruction, loss, or theft while on your business premises – but you should also consider stock cover if you keep stock on the premises too.

Fixtures and fittings insurance covers fixed items such as shelving, kitchen units, and fixed display cases, while shop front cover, which protects things like windows, awnings, and signage, is a key consideration for retail outlets and restaurants.

Core Features:
  • Employers’ liability with a limit of indemnity of £10 million
  • Public liability insurance with a limit of indemnity up to £5 million
Additional Covers
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Products liability up to £5 million
  • Accidental damage
  • Business interruption
  • Theft
  • Computer breakdown
  • Legal expenses
Typical Exclusions:
  • Policy excess as shown in your policy documents
  • Computer inefficacy
  • Breach of professional duty
  • Damage to business files resulting in erasure or distortion of information on computer systems

Exclusions vary depending on the type of cover chosen within your office insurance. Please see policy documents for full details.

Can you cover my equipment outside of the office?

Yes, we are able to offer an “all risks” section to our office package. This will cover items taken outside of the insured business premises, i.e. a laptop used for external meetings.

Do I have to be trading for a number of years to be able to get cover?

No. Our range of insurance packages enables us to deliver the right solution for  start-ups as well as established businesses.

I work from home, do I still need an office insurance policy?

Yes. You will need to cover your business equipment if this is not covered by your home insurance. You will also need to cover your liabilities resulting from your business activities (this is excluded from most home insurance policies).

Water has leaked into my office from the floor upstairs. Do I need to advise my own insurers or shall I just claim against the upstairs neighbours?

You should notify your insurers of any damage to your property, even if you think someone else may be responsible. Do not assume that just because the damage was caused by someone else that they are legally liable. The law allows for genuine and fortuitous events and also bear in mind that they might not be insured or in a financial position to pay for your damage.

With Adler Insurance, you can be confident that, in the event of the worst happening, your claim will be handled by a dedicated claims team.

Simply contact our team using the details within your policy documents, or call them direct on 0121 764 7563. They will talk things through with you, guiding you through your next steps and   the whole process.

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