If you are responsible for the maintenance, repair and insurance of a property, and that property contains a lift, boiler or pressure plant, then you will need to consider Engineering and Inspection services.

Usually, within blocks of flats, various types of machinery are shared by the residents. This may include communal lifts, boilers, and pressure plant.

In many residential properties, it is often the responsibility of the various flat owners or the residents’ management company to ensure that the machines are maintained to a safe standard and regularly checked.

Of course, this sort of work can result in substantial bills – especially when something goes wrong and repairs need to be undertaken. Here at Adler Insurance Brokers, we can provide engineering and inspection cover for blocks of flats that includes financial and liability protection.

Our Engineering Inspection Services can cover:
  • Lifting equipment – covering cranes, lifts, excavators, lift trucks
  • Pressure systems – including boilers, air receivers, air conditioning units and refrigeration units
  • Electrical – from fixed wiring inspections to hazardous areas and even kettles
  • LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) – including spray booths, fume cupboards and extractor fans
  • Power presses – covering power presses, press brakes and guillotines
  • Other work equipment – conveyor systems, tractors and bulldozers are some additional items

As part of your cover, an independent, qualified engineering surveyor will carry out a visit at the block of flats and provide advice on maintenance. Engineers can also provide operation instructions to ensure that machines are correctly used.

Policies might also cover:
  • Accidental damage, breakdown, explosion or collapse
  • Damage to the property insured caused directly by the lift or boiler
  • Temporary removal costs
  • Debris removal costs
  • Additional costs for temporary repair
  • Hired in plant costs
I have a brand new item of plant. Does this require an inspection prior to being put into service?

If it is pressure plant, for example an air receiver or steam boiler, the answer is yes. If it is lifting plant and safety does not depend upon installation conditions – when the declaration of conformity initial period has expired – an inspection is normally required 12 months after being purchased.

Can thorough examinations be carried out by the maintenance company?

Yes. However, plant owners must ensure that whoever undertakes the examination has appropriate practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as experience of the equipment in question,  in order to detect defects and weaknesses as well as assess their importance in relation to the safety and continued use of the equipment. It is essential that the competent person is sufficiently independent and impartial to allow objective decisions to be made. This does not mean that competent persons must be necessarily employed from an external company. If employers and others within their own organisations have the necessary competence, they can use it.

However, they must ensure that their examiners have genuine authority and independence to ensure that examinations are properly carried out and that the necessary recommendations arising from them are made without fear or favour.

It is generally accepted that enforcing authorities and inspection bodies accredited to BS EN45004 are independent and impartial.

How often is a ‘thorough examination’ required on lifting plant?

Under LOLER, a ‘thorough examination’ is typically required every 12 months. Lifting attachments, accessories and machines for lifting persons need examination every six months.

How often do air receivers need to be examined?

An examination usually takes place once every 12 months. However, the type and frequency of examination are defined by the written scheme. For the majority of air receivers, the first examination is a full, internal thorough inspection. The next inspection, 12 months later, is a working external examination and the following year it requires another thorough examination. This means there is a thorough examination every two years.

With the agreement of the customer, the written scheme can be amended so that both the thorough and external examination are completed at the same time and therefore only one examination takes place – every two years.

At Adler Insurance, we go to great lengths to understand your personal circumstances, goals and aspirations, as this will enable us to recommend the most appropriate solutions for you. The suitability of certain engineering inspection services will depend on various factors. There are many different types of cover and, through discussion to understand your individual needs, a broker will identify what product or combination of products most suits you.

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