Top Tips for Protecting Your Unoccupied Property

Insurers know that empty homes are vulnerable to vandalism, theft and water damage due to leaks or burst pipes and are therefore considered a greater risk.

Most insurers have a condition in the policy that they must be advised if a property is unoccupied for periods exceeding 30 days. If this condition is not adhered to it could invalidate the cover.

Here are our top tips for protecting your property:

  1. Advise your insurance broker as soon as possible as Insurers may wish to apply additional terms/premium
  2. Arrange for the property to be checked regularly and keep records of these inspections as this prevents problems from escalating
  3. Control lighting – consider a motion sensor security light and use a light switch timer (regularly changing the activation time)
  4. Collect mail and newspapers and do not leave things hanging outside the letterbox
  5. Open and close curtains
  6. Remove valuables from the property and keep keys out of sight
  7. Set the alarm and ensure it is kept in good working order
  8. Maintain all physical security – ensuring doors, windows, gates, sheds and garages are locked
  9. Turn off the gas and electricity supply
  10. Turn off and drain the water supply in winter months or set your central heating to a minimum of 15°C  to prevent burst pipes
  11. Leave the loft access point open to circulate air
  12. Don’t advertise that you are away from your property on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

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