Top Tips for Summer Driving

Summer is a great time of year to get behind the wheel of your car, wind down the windows and enjoy the open road. However, before you set off on your holidays, it is worth considering that the increased heat whilst driving in these warm temperatures can put extra demands on your vehicle and cause undue stress to the driver if you don’t prepare properly.

Follow the simple steps outlined below to ensure you spend your holiday time relaxing in the sun and not stuck on the motorway hard shoulder.

Plan ahead!

Before you set off for your trip it is good idea to plan your journey, especially if you are travelling with small children. Break up the journey by planning a route (and a budget) that contains activities you can stop and do – this way the children will have something to look forward to and the journey is divided into smaller manageable chunks.

Likewise, by planning ahead you could take advantage of more scenic routes rather than just be stuck on a motorway for the duration of the journey.

Check your vehicle tyres and fluids

It is a terrible feeling to have an exciting trip away spoiled by a vehicle breakdown. Make sure you check the tread and pressure of your car tyres and that you have a spare wheel for any emergencies. It is also important to check your car’s fluids, especially in summer. Ensuring your engine oil, windscreen washer fluid, engine coolant and fuel are topped up will limit the chances of a breakdown.

Take a break and stop for a picnic

Drivers should schedule in a 15 minute break for every 2 hours of driving so, if the weather’s nice, why not take the opportunity and stop for a picnic? The UK is filled with a number of beautiful spots, so why not pack a few snacks, sandwiches, fruit and drinks for the trip?

Bring an Emergency Kit

Regardless of how new or old your car is, there is always the chance it could break down and you should be fully prepared for that eventuality. This is particularly important when driving in unfamiliar surroundings and/or overseas. Ensure you have your breakdown insurance cover details with you and pack an emergency kit featuring essentials such as a blanket, breakdown triangle, high visibility jackets and a map.

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