Quick guide to making an insurance claim

Clients are always telling us that speedy claims settlement is a top priority for them. If everything goes well, making an insurance claim is simple and stress-free – especially if you take time to get all the details right. This article takes you through a step-by-step guide that will help you to make an effective claim on your insurance.

Step 1 – Report it

If you’re claiming for something that has been stolen or vandalised, you should always report the incident to the police before doing anything else. Most policies have time limits for you to report things to the police so do it straight away.

Step 2 – Check your policy

The next step is so make sure you are covered for whatever has happened, and then check if there is a procedure you need to follow. Sometimes the insurance company will make all the arrangements for you and as an insurance broker we add value by assisting with this process.

If, for example, you have a burst pipe and you need it fixed right away, some policies state that you must use a workman approved by the insurance company. Don’t just call your usual plumber – look at your policy, check you’re covered for burst pipes, and then get someone out to fix it who meets the criteria set out in your policy.

For an escape of water claim, an insurer will usually encourage you to mitigate the loss by getting a plumber straight away, although it should be noted that the actual repair costs will not be covered. If you have trace and access (T&A) as a policy feature, then the plumber’s invoice should be broken down to show this cost, as this could be reimbursed.

Step 3 – Find all the documentation

Having everything to hand makes the whole process go more smoothly. You’ll need:

  • your policy document
  • receipts for anything stolen or damaged
  • reference numbers – for example if you filed a police report
Step 4 – Get the facts straight

Be clear about exactly what happened so you can tell your story factually and consistently with no missing details or exaggeration. It’s often best to write it down. You should also try to take photos/videos where possible.

Make sure you know:

  • times and dates
  • details of everyone involved (the other party in a car crash, perhaps, or the plumber that fixed your burst pipes)
  • exactly what happened
  • what you’re claiming for – how much money you expect to get

Use our handy guide for tips on what to record when making a property insurance claim.

Step 5 – Call your broker!

When you buy your insurance policy through a broker, they’ll help you with your claim as part of the service they offer. As an insurance broker with a dedicated claims team, we can offer advice and support and work with your insurance company to ease the administrative burden. By giving our claims handlers all the details and information you worked out in steps 3 and 4, you can help us to process your claim fairly and efficiently through to final decision, minimising disruption to your home or business.

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