Protecting your Vehicle

How to Protect your Vehicle from Theft this Christmas.

As we are coming round to the cheerful Christmas season once again, opportunists have come out in full force with vehicle theft crime rates quadrupling in certain areas within the UK.

For example, In the North the ‘Corsa Cannibals’ have been striping cars of their bonnets, bumpers and headlights in under 3 minutes!

Due to this steep rise in the number of thefts from vehicles nationwide, here at Adler Insurance Brokers we have come up with a few strategies to aid in protecting yourself from this type of crime;

  • Adding alarms to the vehicles – and advertising their existence on the outside of the vehicle with the use of stickers.
  • Consider getting internal cameras that are motion activated – again advertising their presence.
  • For fleet owners, whilst this may not be too effective, clearly state that tools are not left in vehicles over night.
  • If there is nothing in the glove compartment leave it open to view.

A true factor in reducing claims payments would be to remove specific items from the vehicle.

Whilst it is not practical to remove everything from the vehicle, be selective with what is removed i.e. small electronic items such as:

  • Laptops
  • Sat Nav’s
  • Mobile phones
  • When parking, try to get a space which is well lit and provides the highest security, also reversing right up against walls prevents easy access from the rear doors.

*Note* these are safety measures, complying with these measures cannot guarantee that the vehicle(s) are not broken into.

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