Greenhouse gas emissions and Construction

‘The building and construction industry is responsible for 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions.’

The Climate Change Act requires a reduction of 80% in greenhouse gas emissions 2050. The UK Government has set aside £13billion for construction projects such as waste treatments, environmental projects, transport projects and school projects. By developing an effective emissions reductions strategy for your construction business, you are not only helping the environment but also aligning your business with Government endeavors: contractors that are seen to be environmentally aware will be more likely to be considered for these Government contracts.

In addition, following the Paris Agreement in December 2015, standards will now be rolled-out across the construction industry to help implement the clean air act by 2030. These frameworks will be brought into place by 2020.

Lowering greenhouse gas emissions can also help you to reduce costs incurred during a project.

Follow these simple steps to help make your business more ‘emission aware’:
  • Invest in sustainable business training
  • Substitute cement and brick supplies for recycled materials
  • Regularly evaluate purchase orders
  • Adopt a ‘switch it off’ business approach (turning of the office lights overnight can impact costs significantly over time)
  • Monitor and manage energy usage
  • Deploy right-sized generators on site
  • Plan the energy requirements of projects you will be undertaking before starting
  • Monitor fleet emissions

By implementing these small changes in any project you are currently working on (or looking to bid on) you are demonstrating an eco-friendly business approach and fast-forwarding your engagement in lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

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