Drive down business costs with telematics

Improvements in technology and the need for businesses to become more efficient with their vehicles use have resulted in huge improvements in how commercial fleets are tracked.

The data that is tracked by fleet telematics allows companies to see areas where they can save money and run their fleets more cost-effectively. The tracking devices are easily installed into the OBD port of each vehicle and the fleet operator can view all vehicles through a central website.

Here are seven reasons why you should think about telematics for your business vehicles:

Increase fleet efficiency. Eliminate excess consumption of fuel, unauthorised vehicle usage and unnecessary overtime expenses. Reduce vehicle wear and increase the lifetime of your fleet. Live traffic updates allow fleet controllers to reroute drivers, or give updates to customers.

Encourage good driving. Awareness of driver behaviour can improve your duty of care and enhance overall fleet safety. Reduce penalty notices and speeding fines, and identify training needs for dangerous or careless drivers.

Protect your drivers. Location tracking means fraudulent claims against your fleet can be identified. Impact recording and notification means you can get help to your driver the instant they are involved in a collision.

Keep better records. Produce precise mileage data (and HMRC friendly) expense reports. In other words, less expensive expenses.

Improve vehicle safety/security. Automated weekly/monthly journey and driver reports, along with crash detection and theft alerts. Identify causes before they become crises.

Improve customer service. Tracking systems on delivery vehicles can tell a customer the specific location of goods being transported, so they know when their goods are going to reach them. A tracking system also helps to make customers feel that their goods are safe since they know they are closely being monitored.

Help to reduce your insurance premium. With drivers involved in fewer incidents as a result of practicing ‘smarter driving’. Annual mileage can also be tracked – less time at the wheel equals less risk.

Adler Insurance Brokers work in partnership with an industry-leading telematics company to install the ‘black box’ units into your vehicles. Our products work with the systems and software you already use. We can even provide trial units for a couple of months so you can see the benefits first-hand. You also get portal access, technical support and in-house training.

For further advice about telematics systems for your vehicles, contact our Commercial Insurance team on 0121 764 5500 or complete one of our enquiry form.

Telematics systems provided by JGCH.

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