DOOH Media: Trends and Risks

DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) Media is one of the newest and fastest growing sectors in advertising. With new and innovative strategies and products infiltrating the market, keeping up to date and aware of the risks associated is vital for any business involved with, or wishing to partake in this new advertising technique.

Cross-platform targeting opportunities are on the rise for DOOH

As mobile devices become more advanced and universal, the production of captive digital screens in home and out of home has been growing. DOOH vendors are utilizing interactions with consumers. Cross-platform targeting has become more prominent through new mobile technologies focusing on the impact of In Real World (IRL) vs. Uniform Resource Locators (URL). Leading to personalization of the consumer’s experience and possibilities for immediate interaction.

DOOH will provide increasingly relevant messages in locations that matter

The amount of time spent outside and in transit is increasing in many regions. New forms of targeting and subgroups have made the art of reaching specific audience segments in higher impact locations easier – and in our highly distracted modern experience, consumers are becoming more receptive to advertising concepts outside out their homes.

DOOH is making better use of data

DOOH is a rapidly growing segment and is using big data to maximize the impact of advertising to consumers outside of their homes.

DOOH is being made easier through programmatic conversations and data-driven media buying. Leading to deeper connections with mobile and interactive marketplaces. Programmatic DOOH has the potential to drive standardization and reduce overall fragmentation in the marketplace. Programmatic bidding enables media buyers the opportunity to accurately target the most appropriate audience.

DOOH and OOH to be considered as the new shop window

DOOH has huge potential to drive immediate impact and is becoming a significant tool for driving consumers to point of sale, regardless of the media vehicle used. Whether it’s part of a larger cross-media effort or a locally focused campaign, DOOH offers opportunities to reach and engage with unique audiences. DOOH has the potential to reach the most difficult target audiences such as Millennial males, with the increasing use of Ad-blockers, directing advertising campaigns through Uniform Resource Locators (URL) can possibly have negative ROI’s. Whereas utilizing the upcoming In Real World (IRL) trend, has shown significant impact with renowned ‘unreachable’ target audiences.

Measuring and addressing increasing opportunities in DOOH

New location and mobile data sets are leading to new ways of measuring acknowledgement in digital, experiential and out of home media. Using location as an audience definer, delivers real-world context and campaign messages that are intentionally positioned close to the point of purchase.

*British Airways programmatic campaign example. Images and video sourced from our OOH membership association Outsmart*

Legal factors to consider whilst producing or distributing media to use for OOH and DOOH
  • Who owns your media?
  • Are you licensed to use your creative products?
  • Are your employees and consultants contracted properly?
  • Are domain names registered?
  • Assuming you are aware of the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) as a media distributor or buyer within DOOH are you fully aware of the UK Code of Non-Broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (CAP Code) that regulates non-broadcast advertisements?

Although any intellectual material created by an employee will be owned by the company. If no written agreement has come to light, material generated by the consultants and contractors will belong to them. By ensuring contracts contain very clear parameters to the scope of the services that are being provided as well as ensuring material is registered.

Advertising should be:
  • Legal, decent, honest and truthful
  • Prepared with a sense of responsibility to consumers and society
  • Respect the principles of fair competition generally accepted in business.
It is particularly important to clearly document the following items to avoid shareholder disputes:
  • Director arrangements
  • Who can make key decisions
  • The procedures for issuing/transferring shares
  • What happens if an employee/ consultant shareholder leaves

If you do not wish to disclose your materials and welcome collaboration or modification, choosing to use a proprietary software will permit these features. Understanding the different types of licensing, supports protecting or acknowledging confidentiality, non-disclosure agreements and trade secrets within your business.

Under the Data Protection Act, victims of a data breach can be seen as a criminal offence, and individuals can find themselves facing fines of up to £500,000 for serious breaches. This is an increasing risk factor for many company Directors and officers, as they can be held responsible for a data breach due to neglecting their fiduciary duties. This has led to many within the media industry having data threats at the top of their list of concerns.

Tailored cover to protect your assets

Media Liability and Commercial Combined packages typically cover areas such as;

  • Defamation
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Property owners, site and unit insurance
  • Cyber liability cover
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Directors & Officers and
  • Site insurance
Risk management facilities

Additional services and cover can aid in protecting your DOOH campaign. A range of additional services, can include:

  • Business continuity advice
  • Disaster recovery protection
  • PR consultancy advice
  • Legal expenses cover
  • Data loss prevention advice

As this is a fairly new market, finding suitable advice and products that can be trusted is difficult. Adler Insurance Brokers are committed to providing a wealth of knowledge to our clients and continually invest in innovative schemes to protect against the threats of growing industry risks.

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