The Considerate Constructors Scheme

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The Considerate Construction scheme is a not-for-profit organisation, who work to promote the image associated with construction. The scheme has worked on creating and employing a code of standards, for those who are registered to abide by.  Whether a multinational civil engineering company or a sole trader, the scheme works with over 80,000 different companies to enhance the conceptual appearance associated with construction. This is just one of the many methods used by businesses to represent their brand in addition to driving increased new business.

Why should you join The Considerate Construction scheme?

The scheme is concerned with areas of construction that have direct or indirect impacts on the industry’s image. It is a voluntary scheme where those who choose to volunteer their commitment, agree to abide by the scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice. The scheme promotes:

  • competent management;
  • efficiency;
  • awareness of environmental issues; and
  • neighbourliness.

By adopting the ethos listed above to your company’s general operations, you will be positively advertising not only your business but the industry as a whole.

The Considerate Construction Code of Considerate Practice is separated into 5 parts which are listed below:

  • Care about appearance: portray professionalism within the company, in regards to site preparation, uniform and tools;
  • Respect the community: Work towards reducing noise within the community projects is being undertaken;
  • Protect the environment: resourcefully managing the amount of waste produced;
  • Secure everyone’s safety: implementing systems, proficient attitudes and behaviours; and
  • Value their workforce: helping companies achieve supportive working environments.

The Scheme’s signage has been used on over 90,000 sites across 1000 companies. By joining the scheme, you will be testifying your company’s commitment to work with consideration of the public, the company’s workforce and the environment.

Although the scheme will monitor the sites, companies and suppliers that register in accordance to with the five-point code, the benefits of registering to the scheme are incomparable and include:

  • Local authorities, the Government, contractors and industry clients’ endorsed schemes;
  • Competitive edge;
  • Use of branding;
  • Assessment of your company and sites;
  • Opportunity to assess and benchmark company performance to allow improvement and development; and
  • Chance to win National Awards.

A chart of the registration costs per project has been listed below. Registration of projects will include the following:

  • The Considerate Construction Scheme Materials;
  • One site visits and reports; and
  • An ongoing hotline to deal with comments and complaints from the general public.
Project value Cost (ex. VAT) Cost (inc. VAT)
Less than £100k £100 £120
£100k to <£500k £225 £270
£500k to <£5m £445 £534
£5m to <£10m £670 £804
£10m to <£25m £900 £1080
£25m to <£50m £1150 £1380
£50m and over £1400 £1680

This is a brief introduction to the work The Considerate Constructors Scheme promotes. If you would like to find out more information or sign up to the scheme, please click here

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