At Adler Insurance, we are dedicated to being socially accountable to our clients, colleagues and community. We believe that engaging with ethical practices should be the foundation of any company so we strive to make a positive contribution economically, socially, and environmentally.

For the company…

We understand that social responsibility begins at home so we take measures to ensure the well-being of all employees while reducing our impact on the environment. Our healthy eating policy is designed to promote good nutrition in the workplace and encourage staff to make positive lifestyle choices. Our ‘lights out’ policy keeps us green by reducing our collective carbon footprint. We have also made a significant investment in a range of technology and software packages in-keeping with our ‘paperless’ initiative and objective to be paper-free by 2025.

For the community…

Adler Insurance helps to develop a thriving and resilient community by undertaking regular charitable activities in the local area. All of our employees are permitted 1 paid day per year to volunteer and a number of staff choose to do this through our sustainable CSR framework. We take on local projects every year, providing helping hands where they are needed. In addition, every year we select a new organisation with close ties to the community to be our Charity of the Year, holding fundraising and sponsorship events throughout to support its operation and beneficiaries.

We are always looking for new local projects and charities to support. If you represent an organisation which requires sponsorship, please get in touch by emailing

For the country…

As well as our community work, Adler Insurance holds regular fundraising events for a number of national charities whose details can be found below:

Charity of the year 2020:

We’re still on the hunt for our Charity of the Year 2020. Stay tuned for our CotY announcement!

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