Using a range of cutting-edge techniques at the disposal of our digital forensic investigators, Adler Insurance Brokers can offer your business protection against internal and external cyber-attacks – invaluable protection in today’s digital age.

Our cyber liability insurance product provides a comprehensive digital protection solution. We can provide forensic investigation and data recovery services to help deter, detect and recover from misuse of IT equipment and theft or corruption of digitally held intellectual property.

Internet and networked technologies have changed many aspects of how business operates. While the benefits of using Internet-based and other technologies are numerous, so are the inherent risks, creating exposures that were virtually unheard of two decades ago.

These include:

  • Theft or manipulation of sensitive or private information, such as financial or health records.
  • Computer viruses that can destroy data, damage hardware, cripple systems and disrupt a business’ operations.
  • Computer fraud.

Adler Insurance Brokers works with leading cyber risk insurers to develop cyber liability insurance and cyber risk protection for Internet and network exposures, including:

  • Liability: privacy and confidentiality.
  • Copyright, trademark, defamation.
  • Malicious code and viruses.
  • Business interruption: network outages, computer failure.
  • Attacks, unauthorised access, theft, website defacement and cyber extortion.
  • Technology errors and omissions.
  • Intellectual property infringement.
Loss of data or suspect misuse of IT equipment

Limit of indemnity of £50,000 in any one year for independent forensic investigation costs to discover time locks, logic bombs and hacking.

Data recovery

£10,000 in any one year (higher limits of indemnity can be provided for the appropriate additional premium) including company data or password recovery following either accidental or malicious deletion.

Theft of intellectual property

Investigation costs following suspected theft of company, customer or general databases; plans, specifications and/or drawings.

Employee/computer misuse

Contract of employment breaches in respect of Internet or email abuse, inappropriate IT use or ‘time wasting’.


Detecting cyber theft, fraud or other criminal misappropriation.

Mobile devices

Analysis of laptops, mobile phones, PDA’s, ‘plug in’ devices and the like.

Typical Exclusions:

Any costs where the need for forensic investigation work arises within the first six months of inception of the policy  (full retroactive cover applies after this period).

Forensic investigation of IT equipment used outside the territorial limits, as defined and/or travel by the forensic investigator outside of the United Kingdom, unless agreed by us in writing.

The first £500 of investigation costs will be borne by the policyholder. This is reduced to £250 in respect of data recovery.

Any claim more specifically covered under any other policy.

Any claim for employee misuse where the subject of the forensic investigation has a recorded history of computer misuse.

These are some of the key exclusions/limitations, full details will be found in policy wordings.

What is digital forensics?

Digital forensics (often known as computer forensics), involves the collection, examination and investigative analysis of digital data and the presentation of such in evidential form.

What do digital forensic examiners do?

Digital forensic examiners are specialists in the forensic examination of digital devices. Examiners work to strict guidelines to ensure that the integrity of the evidence sought is preserved and can be admissible in a court of law.

I have a computer that I suspect has evidence on it. What should I do?

This largely depends on the situation. If a computer is switched off, leave it so and prevent any further access. If a computer is running, please contact us as soon as possible and we can talk you through the procedure.

What kind of techniques do you use to gather evidence?

We will use all current methods at our disposal to determine the misuse of your equipment. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Recovering deleted data
  • Establishing who has sent emails
  • Showing a user’s internet browsing history – even after it has been deleted
  • Showing who created or last altered a document
  • Ascertain if a file has been copied
  • Tell if another drive has been attached to your computer.

We understand the risks from cyber-crime and strive to build a policy that keeps up with the pace of today’s technological advances. From working together with our clients, we understand the vital importance of getting your systems up and running as quickly as possible. With a speedy recovery in mind, we can call in the experts to get you the support you need.

In the event of a claim, our expert handlers can talk you through the simple process over the phone and assist you with the delicate handling of the equipment in question. We can then provide immediate confirmation of your claim or, if necessary, arrange an on-site visit with an independent assessor to assist with an impartial investigation.

We can arrange an expert digital forensic investigator within 48 hours to:

  • Recover and rebuild data.
  • Investigate and provide an evidential report to establish whether you have been the subject of either internal or external cyber theft or attack.
  • Investigate your computer system to determine serious breaches of your company IT policy.
  • Provide independent evidence and if necessary could be called upon as a Registered Independent Witness should investigations lead to a criminal prosecution or employee disciplinary action. All evidence produced is in a legally admissible format and is prepared to ACPO Guidelines.
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